Marsden Building & Remodeling





With a strong desire to understand how things work and a belief in the perfection of practice, Chris thrived as a baseball player, wine expert and professional trumpet player before a personal remodeling project uncovered a latent passion and talent for creating beautiful spaces. During that first project, he turned the house he and his wife had just bought into a home where they could happily raise their two girls.

Impressed with the craftsmanship, friends and family began asking Chris to bring the same level of beauty and attention to detail to their homes. This happened again and again until he had to call it official. He was in the home building and remodeling business. That was more than a decade ago and he hasn’t looked back since.

When he’s not busy running from jobsite to jobsite ensuring every last aspect of each job meets his high standards, Chris is cycling and enjoying the great outdoors of Minnesota and beyond. He’s even tackled Mount Rainier, though he’s certainly not one to brag about it. He also enjoys spending time with his beautiful family in the home they created together.



Details, organization and planning thrill Todd in a way that little else does. You can see it in everything from his project plans down to his grocery lists (which routinely include kale and kombucha). These meticulous traits have served him well in his career, taking him from his small town South Dakota roots to a towering Manhattan office.

When his family, friends and love of nature brought him back to the Midwest, he engaged Marsden for a home remodel of his own before deciding to join the team. His knack for structure, budgeting and organization gives our clients a sense of security as they go through the exciting, but somewhat unnerving  process of transforming their space. He also doesn’t mind lending his design advice when asked. And you should ask, he’s got a great eye.

At the end of a long day coordinating subcontractors and ensuring everything is running smoothly, Todd likes to relax with a glass of wine while making dinner with his husband and their furry four-legged kid who happens to share Todd’s passion for hiking the Minnesota trails.



Intuitive and insightful, Patty often understands what our clients need before they know themselves. This because she establishes relationships, makes connections and genuinely listens before diving into the work. Bringing her experiences as a homeowner, mom, graphic designer and professional organizer to her work, she has an eye for beauty and a mind for function.

Having been with Marsden almost since the beginning, our internal team, subcontractors and clients have all come to know Patty as the gal with the answers. Between cups of tea, she focuses on managing a variety of relationships for Marsden. Translating between all the players, she’s able bring each homeowner’s vision to life while making sure everyone stays happy along the way.

Patty’s love of people and relationships shines in her home life as well. Monthly dinners and annual birthday celebrations keep her connected to a group of friends she’s embraced since her days growing up in northern Minnesota. These roots have also given her an appreciation for the seasons of Minnesota, which she enjoys with her husband, two kids and their beloved golden doodle.